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The ongoing participation and support of these small businesses at our Spring and Fall Illini Bird Fanciers Bird Fairs plays a vital role in helping Illini Bird Fanciers fund philanthropic and charitable donations to deserving organizations involved in promoting avian conservation, aviculture, medical research and the general welfare of captive birds. We encourage and invite you to visit, consult with, and patronize these breeders and fair vendors at our bird fairs and year-around through their stores, web sites, mail-order and by-appointment businesses.

4 Toes Bird Ranch 4 Toes Bird Ranch4 Toes Bird Ranch4 Toes Bird Ranch

4 Toes Bird Ranch Exotic Finch and Hookbill Aviculture, Avian and Pet Birdkeeping Books and Videos.

Located in: Edinburg, IL
Phone: Karen or Bob (217) 391-4648
Web: 4 Toes Bird Ranch
Canaries CanariesCanariesCanaries

Canaries Hobby breeder of Yellow, Peach, Orange, Red Factor and Variegated Canaries.

Located in: Springfield, IL
Phone: Teresa Thomas (217) 522-9220
All Strung Out Hand made Jewelery, as well as Toys and Stands

Located In: Decatur, IL
Phone: (217)-791-3512
Email: All Strung Out
Birds & More They Sell High Quality Wrought Iron Cages, Small Wire Cages, and Accessories.

Located in: Spring City, TN
Contact : Don or Greta Price
Phone (423)-365-4391
Email: Birds & More
Canaries and Finches Canaries and Finches Canaries and Finches sells many species and varieties of Canaries ands Finches. Contact me to see what I have currently available.

Located in: North Carolina
Phone: Henry Lopez (704) 634-2763
The Canary Cage The Canary CageThe Canary CageThe Canary Cage

The Canary Cage The Canary Cage sells American Singer Canaries in a variety of colors, types and breeds for sale in southern Illinois, with cocks and hens available in yellow, red, white, green and variegated, crested or plain head. If you're looking for a particular variety of American Singer Canary, contact me to see what I have currently available.

Located in: Carmi, IL
Phone: Diana Powell (618) 382-7556
Cindy's Canaries Cindy's CanariesCindy's CanariesCindy's Canaries

Cindy's Canaries Bird Care Connection

Breeder of American Singer, Crested and Red Factor Canaries, variety of colors. Morning Bird Products - dietary supplements - vitamins - medications

Located in: Peoria, IL
Phone: Cindy DeWitt (309) 637-7193 or (309) 453-5373
Country Canaries

Country Canaries American Singer Canaries and Zebra Finches.

Located in: Rushville, IL
Phone: Linda Engelbrecht (217) 322-4550 or (217) 322-8472
Corbett Birds Corbett BirdsCorbett BirdsCorbett Birds

Corbett Birds A wide variety of companion birds including Cockatiels, Conures, Pionus, Capes, Amazons, Cockatoos and Macaws. All our baby birds are hand fed.

Phone: Paula Corbett (618) 978-7445
Web: Corbett Birds
Dee Dee's Dreamy Birds and Chihuahuas Dee Dee's Dreamy Birds and ChihuahuasDee Dee's Dreamy Birds and ChihuahuasDee Dee's Dreamy Birds and Chihuahuas

Dee Dee's Dreamy Birds and Chihuahuas Among the birds I breed and sell are Eclectus Parrots, Linolated Parakeets, Grass Parakeets, Bourkes Parakeets, Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Pacific Parrotlets and Gouldian Finches. Availability changes quickly, so check my web site, email or call for current information regarding available birds.

Located in: Festus, MO
Phone: Dee Dee (314) 369-7522
Web: Dee Dee's Dreamy Birds and Chihuahuas
Illinois Parrot Rescue

Illinois Parrot Rescue A place to find your new feathered friend! We adopt, foster or board your special bird.

Located in: Naperville, Illinois
Phone: George Hallenbeck - Director (331) 444-9934
Facebook: Illinois Parrot Rescue
Jeff Cast Jeff CastJeff CastJeff Cast

Jeff Cast Breeder of Exotic Finches, Canaries, Parrotlets, Bourkes Parakeets and other species. Call me regarding current and future availability.

Located in: Lincoln, IL
Phone: Jeff Cast (309) 840-2799
Just for Birds Just for BirdsJust for BirdsJust for Birds

Just for Birds Simply the best premium seed mixes, dehydrated fruits & veggies, in-shell nuts, bulk millet.

Phone: Ken Anderson: (715) 252-1718
KCtoys KCtoys KCtoys KCtoys KCtoys

KCtoys Bird toys - Feather friendly - Bird tested. Breeding Finches - Parrotlets - Lovebirds - Rosellas

Locatede in: Joliet, IL
Cindy or Kim
Facebook: KCtoys
Mary's Peeps Mary's PeepsMary's PeepsMary's Peeps

Mary's Peeps Breeder of Gouldian, Zebra, Society and Owl Finches. Bird photography and hand-crafted avian themed decorator items.

Located in: Chatham, IL
Phone: Mary Warren: (217) 529-6645
Mojito's Playground Mojito's PlaygroundMojito's PlaygroundMojito's PlaygroundMojito's Playground

Mojito's Playground We hand make wood and rope base toys for all size birds, rope perches and wood base play stands.

Located in: South Bend, IN
Phone: Becky Chevrie (574) 850-7058
Pecan Acres Pets Pecan Acres PetsPecan Acres PetsPecan Acres Pets

Pecan Acres Pets Breeders of Quality Companion African Grey Parrots and Quaker Parrots (Greens, Blues & Pallids).

Located inL Waterloo, IL
Phone: Mary or Bob (618) 939-4751 or (618) 407-2423
Web: Pecan Acres Pets
The Parrot Farm

Parrot Farm Conures - Blue Crown, Yellow Sides, Pineapple, Black Cap, Green Cheeks - English Budgies - Rubino Bourkes - Scarlet Chested Grass Parakeets - Cockatiels.

Located in: Speedway, IN
Phone: Phil Cloncs (317) 241-2332 or (317) 294-6619
The Parrot Posse The Parrot PosseThe Parrot PosseThe Parrot Posse

Parrot Posse Flocking together for all your parrot's needs. All of the best tools necessary to have a healthy, happy and well adjusted parrot in your flock. We breed and sell healthy birds that have been completely weaned, fledged and socialized. Hand made toys designed to stimulate your parrots natural behaviors. Behavior training.

Carla, Dawn, Georgia, Glorianne, Kathy, Lisa, Noreen and Sandy.

Web: The Parrot Posse
Prarie Grass Aviary Prarie Grass AviaryPrarie Grass AviaryPrarie Grass Aviary

Prarie Grass Aviary Breeding exhibition quality English Budgerigars for pets and show.

By appointment only.
Phone: Robert Hofstetter Jr. (217) 522-7261
Snowbird Aviary Snowbird AviarySnowbird AviarySnowbird AviarySnowbird AviarySnowbird Aviary

Snowbird Aviary Over 30 years experience breeding Bourke's Parakeets, Red Rumped Parakeets, Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Turquoisine Parakeets, Rosellas, Pacific Parrotlets, and occasionally other species. Email regarding current and future availability.

Located in: Champaign County, IL
Web: Snowbird Aviary
Toby's Toys Toby's ToysToby's ToysToby's Toys

Toby's Toys Manufacturers of unique parrot toys, toy parts, claw toys. Large economical and quality bird toys is our specialty. We provide a 10% discount to any bird club member.

Toby's Toys, 55103 Ash Rd, Osceola, IN 46561
Phone: Dale or Stacy Rosso (574) 679-4451
Web: Toby's Toys
Facebook: Toby's Toys
Varietees Bird Shop Varietees Bird ShopVarietees Bird ShopVarietees Bird Shop

Varietees Bird Shop Varietees Bird Shop is family owned & operated pet bird specialty shop located in Valley Park (St. Louis), Missouri. We carry a large selection of bird types, from Canaries to Macaws! We also carry hundreds of different items, including cages, playgrounds, books, health care products, cage accessories, perches, java trees and perches, manzanita perches, a huge selection of toys including a whole area stocked with 1000's of toy parts where visitors love to come in and create their own toys, for Finches to Macaws! We also provide pet bird grooming and boarding services.

We're dedicated to providing the best quality products & our knowledgeable staff will provide the very best service!

Varietees Bird Shop, 60 Meramec Valley Plaza, Valley Park, Missouri 63088
Phone: (636) 225-2473
Web: Varietees Bird Shop

Wholesale Bird and Cage Wholesale Bird and CageWholesale Bird and CageWholesale Bird and CageWholesale Bird and Cage

Wholesale Bird & Cage One of the largest selections of birds and cages in the Midwest. Huge selection of dragon wood, toys, play stands and supplies.

Wholesale Bird and Cage, LLC. 1805 Ford Lane, St. Charles, MO 63303
1 Mile South of I-70 off Hwy 94
Mon-Sat 10-6   Sun 12-5
Phone: (636) 724-3300
Web: Wholesale Bird and Cage
Your Lucky Parrot Bird Toys Your Lucky Parrot Bird ToysYour Lucky Parrot Bird ToysYour Lucky Parrot Bird Toys

Your Lucky Parrot Bird Toys Companion Birds and Parrots

Hand made rope toys - Boings - Ring Swings - Double Ring Swings - Perches - Wood Toys - All Sizes. Breeder of Blue and Gold Macaws, Green Wing Macaws, Red Fonted Macaws, Congo African Greys, Cockatiels, Conures and Parakeets.

Located in: Kentucky
Phone: (270) 218-0322

IBF Bird Fair Supporting Manufacturers

Kaytee Avian Nutrition

Meah's Photos
Meah's Photos A special thanks to Meah Andonov of Meah's Photos for her help during Illini Bird Fanciers bird fairs with photography for our fair vendors and exhibitors page.

Chatham, Illinois
Phone: (217) 685-4111
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