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Timneh African Grey

Common Names: Timneh African Grey, TAG
Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittacidae Psittacini
Psittacus erithacus timneh
Native Range: West and Central Africa
Habitat: Primary and secondary rainforest, forest edges, mangroves, wooded savannah
IUCN Conservation Status: Vulnerable
Size: Medium 9 inches
Life Expectancy: Up to 50 years
Noise Level: Moderate

The TAG (Timneh African Grey) is a smaller version of the Congo African Grey. They have darker gray colored feathers on the back, with lighter on the front. They also have a short, dark red or burgundy colored tail as opposed to the Congo whose tail feathers are longer and brighter red. TAG's beaks are a bone color on the top, and black on the bottom. They are native to rain forests in West and Central Africa where they are used to eating seeds, fruits, and leafy greens. Also occasionally they have been seen eating snails. In captivity they eat fresh fruits and veggies, with a mix of nuts and a good pelted diet. African Greys can be prone to plucking if not given lots of toys for stimulation and human interaction on a daily basis. They also need frequent baths and not just a spritzing from bottle. At least once a week they need a good soaking shower. African Greys can be very good talkers, and can also mimic many different sounds in your household. They can make you think it really the telephone ringing or your microwave dinging. They start talking at about a year old, although there are accounts of them speaking earlier. If you are looking to buy Grey because of the fact that they are good talkers, please do not base your decision on this, as some Greys will not talk at all. Even so, they make very good companion birds and are very smart!

My TAG, Lucy, is about 6yrs old. I have had her for about a year. I got her off Craigslist last February. She came from a truck driver who didn't have time for her anymore. I literally met him at a truck stop to pick her up. When I first got her, she was not a nice bird. It took a couple of months of working with her every day for her trust me, and become the bird she is today. She is not much of a talker. She says "hello", but she mimics all sorts of sounds. She can mimic the microwave dinging, police sirens, doors creaking, back up beeper on a semi, and many others. She can also "wolf whistle" very well! She will do half of it and then wait for me to answer her with the other half. She loves to get her scritches on her neck and head, and likes to ride on my shoulder from room to room in the house. One of her favorite treats is pizza. She gets a small piece of the crust with a little cheese and sauce. She has been a joyful addition to my household.

Greenwing Macaw     Moluccan Cockatoo     Orange-cheeked Waxbill     Orange-winged Amazon     Timneh African Grey    
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