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National and International Aviculture Organizations and Societies American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
African Lovebird Society
African Lovebird Society of Australia
African Parrot Society
American Budgerigar Society
American Cockatiel Society
American Singers Club
Association of Avian Veterinarians
Australian National Cockatiel Society
Avicultural Society of America
Belgium Lory Society
Budgerigar Association of America
Hartz Club of America
International Conure Association
International Glosters Breeders Association
Linolated Parakeet Society
Lovebird 1990 Society
Lory League
National Cage Bird Show
National Cockatiel Society
National Colorbred Association
National Finch and Softbill Society
National Gloster Club
National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation
North American Cockatiel Society
North American Parrot Society
Pionus Breeders Association
Pionus Parrots Research Foundation
Pyrrhura Breeders Association
Quaker Parakeet Society
Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors
Spangled Budgerigar Breeders Association
The Zebra Finch Society
Bird Clubs and Societies in the Midwest USA
Illinois American Singers Club Chapter 6 - Chicago
The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland - Chicago
Central States Roller Canary Breeders Association - Billingbrook
Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club - Chicago
Heart of Illinois Bird Club - Peoria
Illini Bird Fanciers - Springfield
Indiana Central Indiana Cage-Bird Club - Indianapolis
Hoosier Bird Buddies Bird Club - Fort Wayne
Michiana Bird Society - Mishawaka
Iowa Budgerigar Society of Iowa - Indianola
Mid America Cage Bird Society - Des Moines
Quad City Parrot Society - Davenport
Missouri Gateway Parrot Club - St. Louis
Greater Kansas City Avicultural Society - Kansas City
St. Louis Canaries Limited - Canary Club St. Louis
Bird Show Calendars and Information
National and International Avian Conservation Organizations and Societies World Parrot Trust
International Union for Conservation of Nature
Avian DNA Testing Avian Biotech International
Bird Sexing Solutions
DNA Solutions
Avian Veterinarians Serving Central Illinois Avian Laparoscopy
Bird Medicine and Surgery
Niles Animal Hospital and Bird Medical Center
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
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