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Illini Bird Fanciers employs a Sanyo DP55D44 55" high definition television and a high definition DVD/Blu-ray disc player to show topical educational videos, and to deliver multimedia presentations during programs and workshops conducted at our meetings and fairs.

Sanyo DP55D44 Television Available Video and Audio Inputs
Sanyo DP55D44 Video and Audio Inputs

Our television can be interfaced and cable connected to computers and other digital devices having PC (VGA) or HDMI outputs. We have standard VGA and HDMI cables available for connecting VGA and HDMI compatable devices to the television. Our television can also be connected to other devices with componet or composite video outputs, and to audio devices with monophonic or stereo outputs.

For fully detailed specifications and information on connecting computers and other devices to our television for making multimedia presentations, consult [ Download Icon Pages 8-11 of the Sanyo DP55D44 Manual Printer Icon ]

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