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Harvard Park Babtist Chruch We hold regular club meetings once per month, normally on the 1st Sunday of the month from noon to 4:00 PM. Our regular club meetings are held at the Havard Park Babtist Church, 2401 South 9th Street, Springfield, IL. [View Street Map] We extend an invitation to anyone who is interested to attend our meetings as our guest to learn more about our organization.

Our meetings begin with a deluxe pot-luck lunch provided by contributing club members, who always prepare a spread covering several tables with delicious entrées, side dishes, deserts and beverages. Our meeting lunches provide an opportunity for our members to catch up on news, and spend with general fellowship. Lunch is followed by a program, or workshop, and then our business meeting.

Members are encouraged to bring their birds to our monthly meetings to help socialize them, educate fellow members about various species and varieties, and general entertainment and showing off. However, all birds brought to meetings must be owned and observed by the member for a minimum of 60 days prior as a precaution against the possible spread of avian diseases.

Illini Bird Fanciers 2014 Meetings and Activities Calendar
Date     Activity   Program or Workshop
4th Sunday, January 26     Regular IBF Club Meeting     Parrot Training Presentation by Steve Miller & Heather Knudsen
Officer/Board Elections
4th Sunday, February 23     Regular IBF Club Meeting     Bird Toy Making Workshop
4th Sunday, March 23     Regular IBF Club Meeting     Life with Alex Video by Emily Wick
4th Sunday, April 27     Regular IBF Club Meeting     Recipe Sharing
May     No Regular Meeting    
3rd Sunday, May 18     IBF Spring Bird Fair    
4th Sunday, June 22     IBF Field Trip     Saint Louis Zoo/Varieties
4th Sunday, July 27     Regular IBF Club Meeting     Club Barbeque (at regular meeting place)
4th Sunday, August 24     Regular IBF Club Meeting     First Aid Kit Use by Amy Kimball
2nd Sunday, September 14     IBF Fall Fair Meeting     Fair Planning and Logistics - Bring Your Own Lunch
4th Sunday, September 28     IBF Fall Bird Fair    
4th Sunday, October 26     Regular IBF Club Meeting     Open Discussion on Cockatoos - Officer/Board Nominations
4th Sunday, November 23     Regular IBF Club Meeting     Bird Toy Making Workshop
1st Sunday, December 7     IBF Christmas Party     Gift Exchange

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