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Greenwing Macaw

Common Names: Greenwing Macaw, Red-and-green Macaw
Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittacidae Psittacinae Arini
Ara chloropterus
Native Range: Central America to central South America [Map]
Habitat: Forests and woodlands
IUCN Conservation Status: Least Concern
Size: Extra Large 36 inches long with wing span of 45 inches, 1,250-1,700 grams average weight
Life Expectancy: 50-60 years
Noise Level: Very Loud

The Greenwing Macaw, known as the gentle giant are one of the largest macaws, with a length of 36 inches, a wing span of 45+ inches, and a weight of up to 1700 grams. The Greenwing 's native range is from Central America through northern and central South America. Nuts, fruits, berries, seed, and other vegetable matter are their basic diet. It is believed the Greenwing can eat some poisonous fruits and seeds, due to their habit of ingesting river clay, which neutralizes the toxins. The Greenwing is a social bird usually seen in pairs or small family groups.

Greenwings should be housed in a cage large enough for them to spread their wings. They should be fed a diet of a commercial pellet, along with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some seed and nuts should also supplement their diet. Greenwings are very intelligent birds, and need plenty of toys to keep them occupied, as well as lots of out of cage time and social interaction. With their large size, Greenwings should be socialized at an early age, and limits set. When out of the cage they should not be left alone for their safety, as well as the safety of your home and its furnishings.

My Greenwing, Beaky was hatched at Scovill Zoo in Decatur, Illinois in 2007. Her parents are still on display there. She was purchased and hand fed, but as she grew she developed behavior problems, mostly screaming. In 2008, I adopted Beaky. Since that time we have worked through her behavior problems, and she is a wonderful companion bird. Beaky has a large vocabulary. Some of her favorites are "outy -outy -out-out, yummy, is that good?, and come hear!". She loves to talk on the telephone to anyone that calls me that will talk with her. She is like a 2-year-old, very excited happy to see me. I have been teaching Beaky tricks. She can wave with one foot and say hi at the same time, shake her head no on cue, play fetch, and raise her wings. Macaws are very intelligent and love learning knew things. Some of her favorite foods are Brazil and pistachio nuts, chicken, and grapes .We are so happy to have her in are family.

Greenwing Macaw     Moluccan Cockatoo     Orange-cheeked Waxbill     Orange-winged Amazon     Timneh African Grey    
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