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We sponsor and conduct two major bird fairs in Springfield, IL each year, the Illini Bird Fanciers Spring Bird Fair and the Illini Bird Fanciers Fall Bird Fair.

Illini Bird Fanciers 2015 Bird Fair Calendar
Sunday, May 17 9am-4pm  -  Illini Bird Fanciers 2015 Spring Bird Fair  -  Illinois State Fairgrounds Illinois Building
Sunday, September 20 9am-4pm  -  Illini Bird Fanciers 2015 Fall Bird Fair  -  Illinois State Fairgrounds Illinois Building

We email a fair announcement and reminder to our IBF Bird Fair Email List subscribers at approximately two weeks and again at approximately two days before our spring and fall bird fairs. You may add or remove yourself, or check your subscription status here:

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Illini Bird Fanciers Bird FairIllini Bird Fanciers Bird Fair

Illini Bird Fanciers Bird Fair Our bird fairs feature a wide variety of pet birds for sale by professional and hobbyist breeders as well as specialty vendors offering extensive selections of cages, bird foods and feeders, breeding nests and boxes, bird toys and related bird keeping accessories.

Among the diverse selection of birds available for sale at our bird fairs you are likely to find Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, Ringnecks, Caiques, Senegals, Pionus, Conures, Quakers, Love Birds, Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Canaries, Doves, Quail, and numerous varieties of Finches. Many of the professional and hobbyist breeders vending at our shows hand raise companion birds, so if you are searching for that special bundle of love don't miss our bird fairs.

Whether you are looking to increase your flock, are shopping for larger or additional cages, want to enhance your bird's health and well being with premium foods and entertaining toys, need aviculture advice from the experts, or just enjoy visiting with a fabulous variety of pet and companion birds, we guarantee you will appreciate and enjoy our bird fairs!

Illinois Building at the Illinois State Fairgrounds To better accommodate additional vendors and increased attendance by the public at our popular bird fairs, we have expanded our Illini Bird Fanciers Spring and Fall Bird Fairs into the 12,272 square foot Illinois Building auditorium, a larger venue and newer facility at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.
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Our 2015 bird fairs will be bigger and better than ever, with even more vendors and spacious free on-site parking with easy access for visitors and vendors alike. An on site food vendor will serve breakfast sandwiches, muffins and rolls for breakfast, sandwiches, hot dogs and fries for lunch, snack items and beverages during our fairs.

A transfer tent to circumvent escape accidents while transferring flighted birds between cages or carriers will be provided. We also host an activity area for children providing free coloring and bird toy making activities.

General admission to our Bird Fairs is only $3 with no charge for children 12 years of age or younger. Join Illini Bird Fanciers before or at our bird fairs for free admission among the many other benefits of membership.

Illini Bird Fanciers Bird Fair Vendor Opportunities

Vendor space for new vendors at our 2015 fairs is limited. Please contact our bird fair manager Rosetta Wilson (217) 691-2369 regarding currently available vendor space, vendor fees, our bird fair policies and other IBF bird fair related questions.

Vendor Opportunities We feature a mix of both professional and hobbyist breeders and vendors at our bird fairs. Our established fair vendors are awarded priority advanced booking for future fairs, and most return to participate in our annual fairs year after year. As a result of changing and increasing the size of our venue to the Illinois Building at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, we are now able to offer a limited number of unreserved bookings to additional vendors.

Our bird fair vendors pay a per space fee and all vendor participation and applications are subject to approval by our fair manager. An 8x8 foot vendor space at our 2015 Spring Bird Fair furnished with one 6-foot table and two chairs is only $35 if paid by May 1st. Electrical power and additional 6-foot or 8-foot tables are available. Vendor applications must be submitted and approved in advance - consult our vendor application for further details and information.

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Illini Bird Fanciers 2016 Bird Fair Calendar
Sunday, May 15 9am-4pm  -  Illini Bird Fanciers 2016 Spring Bird Fair  -  Illinois State Fairgrounds Illinois Building
Sunday, September 18 9am-4pm  -  Illini Bird Fanciers 2016 Fall Bird Fair  -  Illinois State Fairgrounds Illinois Building

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